6 Types of Videos to Help Your Business Stand Out


Videos are an increasingly important part of companies’ marketing and customer engagement strategies. They’re not only an excellent way to educate, help and even entertain your audience, videos are the highest-performing content out there. Company websites, YouTube and social media are all great ways to reach customers with different types of marketing videos, and each one provides different opportunities to create engaging content. From brand videos to product-specific how-to videos, here are some common and effective ways to leverage video for your business.


Positive reviews matter. Whether it’s for a product or business, four- and five-star reviews instill a sense of confidence in customers. Testimonial videos convey the same positive energy, but with even more impact. They present your audience with a relatable individual who has great things to say about their experience with your business, whether that’s through working there or from using your products or services.


When we have questions, we turn to the internet. Explainer videos appeal to individuals who may be unfamiliar with your product, service, or your industry as a whole. They are especially helpful for answering frequently asked questions. Explainer videos also provide an opportunity to present your company as a reputable and knowledgeable leader. Give them what they’re looking for with a quick, informative video and you may have a new customer.


Similar to explainer videos, how-to videos help current and potential customers find answers to their questions. These types of videos can be great tools in reaching new people who may be using your competitors’ products/services but have similar questions. Providing those answers positions your business as the industry expert and shows that you listen to your customer’s needs, which may just make some of those folks switch brands.

Use how-to videos to take customers step-by-step through the use of a product, a simple repair, or a creative way to use your product. The videos will be appreciated by existing customers and are also a great opportunity to build trust and start relationships with new customers.


Your company is more than the sum of its parts, it’s a brand, it stands for something and it’s better than the competition. How does your audience know all this? A brand video communicates what makes your company special. Whether it’s unparalleled customer service, a commitment to retaining the best employees, or community involvement, people like to support businesses that share their values and conduct themselves admirably. But, they won’t know unless you tell them! Video gives the opportunity to do just that in one of the most engaging ways; through music, visuals and voiceover. In this brand video, Red Wing is telling people they believe in creating boots that stand up to the harshest elements. 


A product video is similar to a brand video, but instead of focusing on what sets your business apart, a product video focuses on what sets products apart. It’s a great opportunity to illustrate how it will solve your customers’ problems. You can say it with words on your website and social media pages, but showing your audience through video takes it to another level.


Another way to communicate the values of your businessparticularly to prospective employeesis with a culture video. This type of video helps gives job seekers a look into what it’s like to work at your company so they can envision themselves working there and determine if they’re a good fit for you and if you’re a good fit for them. When done effectively, culture videos are an excellent recruiting tool, as they leave viewers with a sense that they will fit in, feel fulfilled and enjoy coming to work every day.

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