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At Click Content Studios, we believe great content and video creates an experience that can broaden your reach, engage your audience and increase brand loyalty.

We produce professional videos and strategic writing to support the content marketing and communication needs of businesses looking for smarter ways to improve sales and increase customer loyalty. 

When we’re not helping our clients, we’re busy producing weekly programs for broadcast and streaming, including AgweekTV

In addition, we house a film team that focuses solely on full-length documentaries, including “Prussia,” “One Last Song,” and several others currently in various stages of planning and production.

Video & Visuals

Your brand deserves to stand out and be true to who you are. We make that happen with world-class photography, audio/video services and graphic design.

Writing & Editing

The language you use refines your brand’s identity and sets the tone for who you are. Click writers understand strategic messaging and know how to create engaging content.

Strategy & Distribution

What good is having all this content if no one is going to see it? From traditional to new media, we are a full-service agency that knows how and where your brand should live.

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Click Content Studios Documentaries + Feature Films

Our team not only works on videos for clients—which often includes TV commercials, brand spots and recruitment videos—but they’ve also flexed their skills in producing documentaries and feature films! Here’s some of our work and where you can watch. TANKHOUSE After...

Give Your Social Some Love: Freshen Up Your Social Media Calendar

A lot goes into creating a consistent posting schedule on social media, and often, finding engaging content can be the most challenging part. If you feel stuck with your social media content it’s a good time to step back and evaluate your core messages and goals. Take...

The Benefits of Video

Of all the mediums to use when telling your audience your story, video remains the most impactful. Why is that? Read on to learn more and understand how video is effective at not only reaching, but engaging your audience, whether you’re highlighting your products’...

6 Types of Videos to Help Your Business Stand Out

Videos are an increasingly important part of companies' marketing and customer engagement strategies. They’re not only an excellent way to educate, help and even entertain your audience, videos are the highest-performing content out there. Company websites, YouTube...

8 Reasons to Advertise on Social Media

Having a presence on one of the many social platforms is a great way to reach your audience and build brand awareness. But organic posts are mostly limited to your follower base, and if you’re lucky, their friends/connections if your followers happen to engage with...

Using video to recruit new hires

Video content is one of the most impactful and efficient ways to convey a message. In fact, people remember 95% of a message watched in a video versus text*. And no wonder, there can be moving visuals, actual people, sounds, voices, music, emotional elements. All 👏....

Our Favorite TV Commercials – Wayne McConnell

Typically when one is asked to share their favorite television spot you’ll run up against the usual players. Large budget brand work leveraging humor or perhaps plucking our emotional heartstrings over the holidays. One may as well ask which M&M I like the best...

Apprentice Cindy Xiong

Our team often gets to work one-on-one with Minnesota State University Moorhead students through Forum Communications Company’s Marcil Apprenticeship program. The program gives students hands-on experience in skills in which they are interested. When they partner with...

Getting started with Facebook ads

Want to create Facebook ads for your business, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are a few things you’ll want to know before you dive in.  SHOULD I BOOST POSTS OR USE ADS MANAGER?  The main difference between boosting an existing post on your page and using...

The Many Hats of a Content Creator

Creating content is an important part of marketing your business and nurturing your prospects on their journey to customerhood, whether it’s a blog for your website, social media posts, or a commercial spot. Likely you don’t always have a team of copywriters, editors...

We know you’re busy, so we’ll keep it simple.

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Our team creates a custom plan, including concepts and scripts for your video and content. We provide you with a quote and stand by it.

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This is where we bring the ideas to life. We will ensure high-quality work that’s delivered on time and on budget.

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