Our Favorite TV Commercials – Wayne McConnell


Typically when one is asked to share their favorite television spot you’ll run up against the usual players. Large budget brand work leveraging humor or perhaps plucking our emotional heartstrings over the holidays. One may as well ask which M&M I like the best (red). It’s an impossible question. At this very moment, I’m liking this one. 

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand teamed up with Passion Animation’s Anna Mantzaris to create this gem for Global Women. 

I love the use of stop motion and find the art style simple, yet enchanting. Although there is a natural audio bed it’s primarily a visual experience and the story is told in four tidy frames. I also enjoy that it’s supporting a cause as opposed to selling me something like car insurance or whatever new varietal abomination the maniacs at Oreo keep coming up with. 

This spot is fairly new, hitting the #GlobalWomenNZ twitter feed in May but engagement is virtually non-existent. Jokes on them…or us..idk. It’s a great spot.

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