Use your giving heart to extend your reach this holiday

We’re not quite pumping out the holiday tunes or festooning our cubicles with stockings and faux snow yet (although we’re getting close!). But at Click, we’re pretty darn excited about the holidays.


It’s a great time for companies to use social media to extend their reach. Industries that particularly benefit from this time of year are retail, non-profits and, well, pretty much any other business that wants to promote office culture, philanthropy and volunteerism. Who doesn’t want that?

It’s not too late to get moving on a holiday-themed content schedule for your social channels. Here are some quick and easy content ideas that will extend your reach in no time.

Schedule a list of “Grateful” posts

We started our own #30DaysOfThanks list on November 1 by asking our staff members what they’re thankful for. In no time we had enough content ideas to create well over 30 grateful posts.

  1. Grateful posts will help enhance the “human” side of your company’s brand.
  2. It gets your employees engaged in your social marketing strategy.
  3. You’ll always have new content every day throughout the holidays (or however long you want to run the theme).
Pro tip
  1. Instead of sending out a mass email and asking people to reply back to you about what they’re grateful for, try asking in person while you’re filling up on coffee or water in the break room. It’s a great way to have a nice “impromptu” conversation with colleagues and also a faster way to get the content you need.

Make a list of the hottest, must-have gifts of the season

Sure, a lot of companies are going to do this, but are they going to do it from your perspective and within the parameters of your particular industry?

Let’s pretend you’re an ag manufacturer (or maybe you are). It’s after harvest season, so it’s doubtful buying equipment for the spring is top of mind at the moment. Right now, it’s about family, gratitude and reminiscing. So instead of focusing on how you’re going to increase engagement around sales five months down the road, appeal to your audience’s emotional side.

  1. You’re providing your audience with a unique perspective on this year’s gift lists.
  2. You’re showing that you are engaged in trends and topics related to your industry.
  3. It’s pretty easy to find “top gifts for 2018” lists by simply doing a quick Google search. Just be sure to curate for content that is relevant to your business.
Pro tip

Let’s keep pretending you’re in the ag industry for a minute: Create #FlashbackFridays posts on favorite tractor toys from your childhood and then showcase some of the ag-themed toys of today. Take it a step further and start with reminiscing and tie it back to the “farm toys” you’re selling right now.

Highlight team volunteer outings or fundraisers

While you don’t want to outright brag (read more about that in our blog “Boost your cause without bragging”), post photos and videos of your teams out helping the community and post as much as you wish.

  1. You’ll be seen as a contributor to the community.
  2. Teams have a chance to work together on meaningful products outside of the office.
  3. It’s great content to tag your chosen cause in for cross-posting promotion.
Pro tip

Follow companies that are philanthropic powerhouses. Here are two we’re watching in 2018:

The Great North Pole

Bell Bank 

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