Boost your cause without bragging

The holiday season of giving is coming soon and many of us will soon start to see a boost in charitable activity on social media. In fact, according to Charity Navigator, “Twelve percent of all giving happens in the last three days of the year.”

But have you thought about how you’re portraying your efforts online and on your company social media accounts? Follow these tips to make sure your next fundraiser or volunteer event highlights your company in a selfless light.

Use “we” statements

When you use “I” statements to describe your goals and achievements, people may perceive you are in it for attention or personal accolades.

Don’t say: “I helped make sure kids got holiday gifts this season at work today.”
Do say: “Our team at work helped make sure 30 kids got presents this holiday.”

Thank the charity first, your employer second

Keep in the top of your mind the reason you’re making the effort in the first place by thanking the charity and what they do.

Don’t say: “So thankful I get the afternoon off from work at XYZ to fill boxes with food for the hungry.”
Do say: “Thanks for everything you do to feed people and families in need, XYZ. Volunteering today has changed my perspective.”

Get leadership engaged

Some of the most influential people in your organization are also likely influential people in your community. Be sure to include your leadership team in your communication efforts, especially photos and videos!

Don’t: Forget the influencers within your organization that help increase engagement.
Do: Politely ask members of your leadership team to participate in your fundraising efforts or volunteer outing.