What is a microinfluencer?

Remember when being a celebrity spokesperson was a big thing?

Here are a few examples that may joggle your memory …

Quaker Oats: Wilford Brimley

Thighmaster: Suzanne Somers

Nike: Michael Jordan

Famous, real-life brand ambassadors were (and still are) paid handsomely for representing a product or service to a wide-ranging, often international, audience. In today’s world, we refer to them as macroinfluencers, famous people who help promote a brand, primarily through large-scale advertising campaigns.

The opposite of a macroinfluencer is a microinfluencer, and these brand ambassadors are the newest big thing for companies wanting to increase their brand’s reach through organic interaction. According to inc.com, “A study by Experticity found that 84 percent of consumers are likely to follow a recommendation on a product made by a micro-influencer.”

What exactly is a microinfluencer?

A microinfluencer is a social media personality who has huge capacity for influence. Many companies hire microinfluencers to promote their brands as a means to organically reach a larger audience and help sway purchasing decisions.

Microinfluencers are generally considered among their peers to have a trustworthy and lasting perspective on brands, products and services. Share on X

Simple, affordable ways to find a microinfluencer

Influence marketing is actually pretty complicated, and hiring a microinfluencer should be part of a larger strategic plan that’s mapped out well in advance.

However, there are a few simple, affordable ways you can seek out the work of microinfluencers for your business that don’t require you to revise your 2019 marketing communications strategy. Here are a few:

  1. Start following, liking and commenting on popular Instagrammers who engage and interact with products and services that are relevant to your brand.
  2. Search your own social feeds and pick out followers who frequently like, share and comment on your posts. Reach out to those who are most likely to be brand loyal to your company.
  3. Look inside your own organization and seek out employees who are passionate about their work and your company. These brand ambassadors are a natural fit for lifting up the best parts of who you are and why you’re the next best thing.

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