10 subtle ways to refresh your brand

Every few years, big brands like Tupperware and Better Homes and Gardens revamp their look and feel.

These brand refreshes aren’t necessarily because the companies felt they were becoming outdated or stylistically obsolete. In fact, for most brands, refreshing regularly is an intentional way to grab our eyes, increase engagement and boost our interest in what they have to offer.

Brand refreshes also ensure you’re set up for success in an ever-evolving media landscape.

  1. Add a pop of color. Bringing in a hue or two to your color palette goes a long way to freshen an existing brand. Just be sure you’re working with a professional graphic designer or art director who will know which colors will best work with your existing ones.
  2. Choose a new font from your current font family. Serif, san serif, script … your font says as much about you as your color palette. Try adding a script-style font you can use for social media posts, especially #MondayMotivation quotables.
  3. Encourage content creation. Enlist your subject matter experts to share their insights on your company blog, newsletter and social media accounts. Simply by adding a fresh face or new insights to your content brings new voice and perspective to your brand.
  4. Change your social media profile images. If you haven’t changed your Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn profile photos or cover images in a while, now is a great time to refresh them. Try changing to something seasonal, like leaves or pumpkins for Fall.
  5. Share others’ content. One of the best (and easiest) ways to refresh your messaging is by sharing content from other companies and brands that inspire you. While this isn’t necessarily a direct way of refreshing your own look and feel, it tells your customers that you’re up to speed on trends and topics relevant to your industry.
  6. Set up a video series. Engage with a local content house to help you come up with a video series you can post once a week on social media. Try a set of tutorials, a leadership coaching series or “slice of life” company culture episodes.
  7. Develop some case studies. Show the world what you’ve been up to and don’t be afraid to share your major wins. Case studies are a great way to professionally showcase your most recent work.
  8. Conduct a mini-website audit. There’s a pretty good chance that your website needs some refreshing. We’re not talking about a complete redesign. Have a look from your user’s perspective and see at what’s working and what’s not. What are your analytics telling you? Maybe there’s room to cut back on some pages and features that’ll simplify your site and prepare you for the future.
  9. Encourage employee contributions on social. Often, your most loyal supporters are your employees. Be sure to encourage them to like, share and repost your social media content to their own social accounts. This is a great way to boost your brand without doing a whole lot of extra work.
  10. Design a new thank-you card. Yes, it’s time to create real “put a stamp on it and mail it in the mail” cards. This traditional form of communication is long from dead and one that’s becoming more appreciated as we’re inundated with email every day.

Whether you implement all 10 subtle ways to refresh your brand, or you pick one and roll with it, just remember that it’s important your company evolves with the times. While that evolution occurs much more frequently these days, at least a few little tweaks here and there will ensure you’re fresh, relevant and top of mind for your target audience.