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Our team not only works on videos for clients—which often includes TV commercials, brand spots and recruitment videos—but they’ve also flexed their skills in producing documentaries and feature films! Here’s some of our work and where you can watch.


After Tucker Charlemagne (Friedrich) and Sandrene St. Jean (Holt) are blacklisted from the New York City theatre industry, the pair decide to start a theatrical revolution in Fargo, North Dakota.

In addition to spotting some friends or neighbors who were cast as extras in the movie, you’ll also see several  Fargo locations that were the backdrop to many scenes. This includes the iconic downtown Fargo theatre as well as the Troll Lounge at the Sons of Norway, the Forum Communications Company building and the former location of the Red River Market just across the street. 

Where to watch: Tubi, Prime Video


From the DakotaSpotlight podcast comes an Upper Midwest Emmy award-winning true crime documentary covering the murders of Barbara and Gordon Erickstad. The couple was murdered in 1998 by their 18-year-old son in their Bismarck, North Dakota home.

Where to watch: Tubi


When a group of Midwesterners travels to Greece to meet with expert olive oil maker Eugene Ladopoulos, they get a lot more than a lesson in the Mediterranean staple. In fact, they learn it’s never really about the food itself, it’s about connection.

Want to see it on the big screen? Check out the  Fargo Film Festival. Liquid Gold will be playing Thursday, March 23 at 1:45 pm at the Fargo Theatre!

Where to watch: Prime Video, Tubi, EPOCH TV, Momentum Pictures


As an MMA fighter, Mariah Prussia is on a mission not only to compete but also to overcome the trauma of domestic abuse and build a good life for herself and her children.

Where to watch: Prime Video


In this Midwest outdoor adventure series you not only get to see some big catches and excellent hunting spots, but you also get to explore the area’s culture and traditions. Get to know some of people, hear their stories, and experience the beautiful outdoors. 

Where to watch: Prime Video

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