Memorable gift ideas for clients and business partners

Forget the edible fruit arrangements or the same generic holiday card you mail (or email) to everyone.

More and more, clients, potential customers and your business partners are looking for an experience that has more staying power than a card they’ll post in the office break room until the first of the year.

Give them something that lasts a lot longer and keeps your company top of mind in 2019. A holiday gift or gesture doesn’t have to be expensive, elaborate or time-consuming, either. Often, the simpler the better.

Perfect for: Nonprofits and clients that are community-centric. If you partner with a nonprofit, consider making a small donation to their cause. Likewise, if you have a client that is particularly active in community giving, donate to a charity you know they are passionate about.

Make a team “mixtape”

Perfect for: Long-term client partnerships. If you’ve been working with a client or company for a long time now, show how much appreciate them with a compilation of favorite songs. Save to a USB flash drive and mail in a festive box.

Create a cookbook

Perfect for: All. Everyone likes food, so it’s hard to go wrong with compiling some recipes from your coworkers and putting together in a well-designed PDF or printed booklet.

Hand write a note

Perfect for: All. Write out a special message unique to each client. Have your coworkers sign it. You can even have your note or letter framed so your clients can display them for a longer period of time.

Send books

Perfect for: Startups and entrepreneurs. Gift your favorite industry-relevant book, motivational book or even some humor books for the team to enjoy.

Reminder: Have fun but be prudent

Before you get started, here are a few things to remember when you’re choosing the right ways to celebrate your partnerships:

  • Be conscious of your clients’ industries, work cultures and missions, and keep these important things in mind when you’re creating your gift.
  • Be aware and sensitive to all religious and cultural observations.
  • Be sure your gift is, quite simply a gift, and doesn’t unintentionally come off as a bribe or coercive in nature.
  • Be whimsical if you wish, but don’t send anything you wouldn’t send to your grandparents.

How you choose to spend your company gift-giving dollars can truly become an extension of your marketing strategy. Be creative. Have fun. And make memories that will keep your clients coming back. Click To Tweet