Three Clues the Universe is Telling You it’s Time for Video Content

At Click, we believe the universe knows what it’s doing. But let’s be perfectly honest: Predicting what it’s going to do is pretty futile. Even though we can’t control the universe, we can draw on past experiences, our current situations and our dreams to help set the pace for a positive future. Click To Tweet This thought process can make our lives more meaningful and experiential. But can it do the same for your business? Of course!


YOU HAVE A STORY AND YOU WANT TO SHARE IT: It doesn’t have to be your company’s 175th anniversary that compels you to share a story (although, if it is your 175th, we should talk).

Whether you’ve been in business a year or 100 years, your company has a story to tell, one that people want to not only see and hear, but they want to experience, too. Click To Tweet

YOU HAVE A PRODUCT OR SERVICE YOU WANT TO PROMOTE: Maybe it’s your best-selling product or a new-to-market service. Whatever it is, if you’re ready to sell it, it’s time to promote it.

More than 500 million people watch YouTube clips and consume more than 100 million hours of Facebook videos per day.

Viewers are increasingly seeking out video content to help them make decisions on the goods and services they purchase. Adding video to your marketing strategy elevates your brand and reaches significantly more people than ever before.

PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU: Okay, so this can go two ways: Good or bad. In all reality, they’re doing both … and that’s good! All companies have their pros and cons. No matter what your brand reputation is in this very moment, the bottom line is that people are ready to listen to you.

Video storytelling can take your naysayers, skeptics and their negative perceptions, and turn them around using emotion-driven messaging.

The universal truth: Stories are timeless In every great story, there’s a hook. It’s that moment when someone makes an emotional connection with your brand — one that builds connection, trust and loyalty. Click To Tweet

No matter what the universe is telling you right at this very moment, believe there’s a story to be told.

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