Cody Rogness, Video Producer

Hey, it’s Cody, one of our video producers

Cody’s a Minot, ND, native with a keen technical eye for storytelling that’s also creative and unique (the perfect combo). Not much ruffles this guy’s feathers, which makes everyone else feel cool, calm and collected when we’re around him.

Major skills with maximum chill factor. That’s Cody.

Please describe the work you do at Click.

Most of the work I do is shooting and editing business and corporate commercials, and web and TV content. My favorite stuff to work on is longer-form formats, like documentaries and TV shows because they’re not so scripted. I like the challenge in those situations when I have to capture the video and audio elements to tell and show. One of the projects I’m working on right now that’s really exciting is “Rides with Jay Thomas.” It’s a great show, but it’s also that great balance between artistic and edgy. It’s also an interesting subject matter for me.

Tell us about your formative years.

I was born and raised in Minot and moved to Fargo in 2010. I’ve been a North Dakota guy my whole life. I was the class clown when I was younger and really into music in high school and college when I played in bands. I played drums mostly, but I also play guitar, bass and a little piano. I’m also interested in classic cars. Right before I graduated from high school, my dad and I rebuilt a ‘72 280Z.

I went to Minot State University with a degree in Broadcast Production.

Family life?

I’ve been married to my wife Liz for eight years and we have one child, Beckem, who is two. My wife and I love to travel together on cruise ships and have been on eight cruises so far. Our travels have taken us to 36 states, 15 countries and 14 Caribbean Islands.

Becks is a little too young for that yet, but the three of us enjoy music, concerts and anything a two year old likes to do. Even at age two, my son is hardcore into drums and music in general. I think it’s because when Liz was pregnant, she’d come up to the amps and drums in the basement while I was playing. I think it got the music bug in him pretty early. We also really like hanging out with our extended family back in Minot where we both have relatives.

What makes you passionate about the work you do?

I like telling stories – other people’s stories – what a place is about or what a message is about and being the translator of that message. Being a video producer means you can show what you do to others just by turning on a TV or going to YouTube. I also love how everyone’s little slices of life are different stories and I get to work on making them.

What inspires you?

I think it’s the process.

When on a shoot, I scope everything out. What is it I’m hearing and seeing? I need to bring everyone else on this ride with me, so how do I make that work in video and audio? I have to think about all the elements before I even push play on the camera.

There are moments when I ask “How would Emmy-award-winning reporter Kevin Wallevand ask this question?” He was one of the bigger influences in my news days and I still think to him when I’m looking for inspiration. If it’s really hard to get a sound bite out of someone, or it’s a kid whose hard to interview, I try to go back to what I learned from him and figure out how to get people to talk and be comfortable on camera.

What do you think Click offers clients that other video studios do not?

We are a team. There’s not one person here that’s going to do something halfway. We all do 110 percent and do the best we can. Everyone is all in. It’s what we do.

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